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Pay Your Invoice or Retainer Online

As a courtesy to clients, the Law Office of Tom James accepts credit cards for the payment of invoices and for the submission of initial retainer deposits and replenishing retainer deposits. As an added service, I have partnered with LawPay to provide the convenience of making online payments/deposits via a secure webpage. Paying/depositing online eliminates the need for writing a check, and saves time and postage.

This service may be used to pay invoices or make deposits on retainers in the following manner:

Existing clients wishing to pay an invoice they have received will need to enter the Invoice Number as it appears on the invoice, along with the amount being paid. If the Law Office of Tom James is unable to match your payment to an existing account, your charge may be rejected. If you cannot locate your invoice number, or if you do not have one, you must use the "Retainer Deposit" method of payment. If you do have an invoice number, select "Invoice Payment."

Invoice Payment

Click here to pay an invoice


New clients may make an initial retainer deposit online. Existing clients may also replenish their retainer online. To make an initial retainer deposit, or to replenish a retainer, click on the link below.

Retainer Deposit

Click here to deposit or replenish a retainer


The submission of a retainer deposit does not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship is only created upon the execution of a Retainer Agreement, signed by the client(s) and the Law Office of Tom James. Upon direction of the Law Office of Tom James and receipt/execution of a Retainer Agreement, new clients may make their retainer deposit by clicking the “Retainer Deposit” link above.

Credit card payment notice: Due to bank processing times, it may take 2-3 days before your account reflects your payment.

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